TV, eh? Interview
You can listen to Tim's recent conversation with Anthony Marco of TV,eh? here: Tim Southam is Omnidirectional.
Montage Magazine: Spirit of Place

The Mind's Eye
by Tim Southam

"Semi-sleep" – that's what I called it at school. It tended to occur hours before a deadline for a paper. Mired in an amalgam of readings, discussions, doodles and thoughts, I would stand up from my desk, fall back onto my bed fully dressed and sink to a place suspended between waking and deep sleep... Read original article

Montage Magazine: Parting Shot

Satie and Suzanne
by Tim Southam

Moments before this shot, virtuoso dancer Owen Montague is dozing against the bar of a 1910 Paris Bistro where he is playing the part of a waiter. He stands amidst mounds of sawdust he has spread to soak up the flooding waters of the river Seine... Read original article

Director Tim Southam on getting into bed with good ideas (From TV, Eh?)

From studying economics, philosophy, literature and political economy in university and working in magazine ad departments, to writing and directing in television and film on both sides of the border, Tim Southam‘s diverse career has helped him mine some of his favourite themes. Highlights include The Bay of Love and Sorrows, Drowning in Dreams, One Dead Indian, Trudeau: Maverick in the Making, as well as directing for series such as Flashpoint, Rookie Blue, House and Bones. He answered a few questions recently about his career through a Canadian lens...Read original article