Perreault Dancer



Two Gemini Awards including Best Direction in a Performing Arts Program (06)
Best Canadian Work, Montreal Int'l Festival of Films on Art (05)
Best of FIFA Int'l Screening Tour (06)
25th Anniversary Best of FIFA Showcase (07)
Gala du cinéma québecois 'Iris' nomination, Best Documentary (06)
Theatrical release, Cinéma Ex-Centris, Montréal (05)

About Perreault Dancer

"A superb documentary on Perreault. A major film... superb, true and moving... Perreault's absence is sudden, immense, like a void in the gut."
- Aline Apostolska, La Presse, Montreal

"Having already directed two films on dance, Inner Voices and Satie and Suzanne, Tim Southam has now created a jewel of a film - in terms of both its visual and sound treatment. Yet the director of The Bay of Love and Sorrows has managed to push beyond pure enjoyment of the senses, taking the viewer well into the territory of reflection. An instructive and true portrait."
- Normand Marcy, Voir, Montreal

"Perreault Dancer is a lovely, moving and visually exquisite tribute to the late Canadian choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault."
- John Doyle, The Globe and Mail