About Moose TV

"Moose TV is funky, gnarly, wise TV -- small-time, light-hearted and a joy to watch... (Adam) Beach has a natural feel for comedy, which may come as a surprise to viewers more familiar with his dramatic roles in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He also has a gift for comic timing: His deliberately awkward on-air line readings are a hoot... Moose TV is wonderful on so many levels. It's gentle, wry and good-natured: funny without being cruel or mean-spirited. It's a metaphor for the community TV industry in general, the way Corner Gas mirrors small-town Prairie life. It has a lot to say about aboriginal issues, but it's never preachy or obvious. The small-town characters -- the up-tight station manager (Michelle Latimer), the appliance repairman and best friend (Nathaniel Arcand), the seductive older sister (Jennifer Podemski) -- are low key and likable, in the best way. Moose TV won't set the ratings charts ablaze, and it'll never be confused with the big-budget, glossy sitcoms familiar to U.S. TV. Its charms are more simple. It is quiet, modest, unassuming and -- most importantly -- funny where it counts. Moose TV has legs."
- Alex Strachan, CanWest News Service

"Critic's Choice: Pretty darn good... Probably thanks to executive story editor Paul Quarrington, director Tim Southam and a tweaked cast... Moose TV doesn't try as hard as Little Mosque on the Prairie, yet isn't quite as laid-back as Corner Gas. Like both those successful sitcoms though, it settles into a very specific groove that gently mocks even as it celebrates Canadian culture."
- Henrietta Walmark, The Globe and Mail

"The mark of a good show is wanting to spend more time with its characters. Are they someone you can hang with 24/7, or does the connection fizzle like a bad first date? Happy to report, there's a new bunch of screwballs to chill with on Thursday nights following those nutters on Trailer Park Boys... There are enough interesting odds and sods, family entanglements, crooked politicos and romantic possibilities here to nicely sustain the comedy's eight-episode run."
- Calgary Herald

"Writer Paul Quarrington is, to my mind, a national treasure. Co-creators Ernest Webb and Catherine Bainbridge have produced some of Canada's most powerful aboriginal-themed documentaries. Director Tim Southam has 20/20 vision when it comes to unlocking scripts and finding the right cast."
- Vinay Menon, Toronto Star