About One Dead Indian

"There are many powerful sequences in One Dead Indian that leave the viewer stunned... There is much to admire... It's about a seemingly inexplicable death and how that death can be explained by the tenor of the times." 
- John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

"Uncovers the story's heart and soul. One Dead Indian does not simply show the back-and-forth of a tense, short-lived, and politically charged event, but takes the viewer inside the complex community and family dynamic that propels the story." 
- Jennie Punter, The Globe and Mail

"A vivid recounting of the tragic events."
- Alexandra Gill, The Globe and Mail

"Impressive... gives context, humanity and details as it fleshes out the systemic, often petty racism that detonated the standoff."
- Victor Dwyer, The Globe and Mail

"In a society that prizes its reputation for multicultural tolerance and inclusion, the title of CTV's latest small-screen movie offering seems shocking for its bald-faced political incorrectness. And One Dead Indian doesn't pull any punches when it comes to content, either."
- Cheryl Ubelacker, Canadian Press

"Succeeds in reminding us that a human being lost his life simply for supporting a cause he believed in... An impressive ensemble of some of Canada's finest aboriginal actors, all of whom are at the top of their craft here... The movie is well-acted, well-shot and evenly paced from start to end."
- Steve Tilley, Toronto Sun

"Offers a gripping and insightful exploration of the Ipperwash crisis... harrowing... The brutality is stark, convincing, and deeply disturbing.
- Elizabeth Yates, Brantford Expositor

"A gripping tale... The entire saga and the controversy surrounding it come into sharper focus tonight, thanks to in an absorbing new CTV movie... It's an impressive achievement for the network, and for Canadian television."
- Eric Kohanik, CanWest News Service

"If you were lucky, you caught One Dead Indian - the made-for-television movie - last week on CTV. It was refreshing to see a film that portrayed contemporary aboriginals as real people, with valid frustrations, humour and intelligence."
- Colleen Simard, Winnipeg Free Press