About Perreault Dancer/ Danser Perreault

"A superb documentary on Perreault. A major film... superb, true and moving... Perreault's absence is sudden, immense, like a void in the gut."
- Aline Apostolska, La Presse, Montreal

"Having already directed two films on dance, Inner Voices and Satie and Suzanne, Tim Southam has now created a jewel of a film - in terms of both its visual and sound treatment. Yet the director of The Bay of Love and Sorrows has managed to push beyond pure enjoyment of the senses, taking the viewer well into the territory of reflection. An instructive and true portrait."
- Normand Marcy, Voir, Montreal

"Perreault Dancer is a lovely, moving and visually exquisite tribute to the late Canadian choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault."
- John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

"Not to be missed... poignant. This moving documentary is a vibrant homage to Jean-Pierre Perreault, one of the founders of the Québec dance scene."
- Frédérique Doyon, Le Devoir, Montreal

"A truly fine example of the documentaries that put Téléquébec head and shoulders above everyone is being broadcast this week. Danser Perreault is an uncompromising look at the life of the late choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault, his work and his followers."
- Gaëtan Charlebois, The Gazette, Montreal

"Tim Southam's heart-rending Perreault Dancer is a documentary about the life and works of Montreal choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault, who died in 2002. In so fully chronicling the man and his unique body of work, Southam does the dance world a great service, because Perreault's Foundation and the dance centre it occupied came to a close shortly after his death."
- Susan Walker, Toronto Star

"Director Tim Southam's perceptive 53-minute documentary tribute goes beyond the facts to capture the essence of a complex man and, by the intelligent juxtaposition of still images and dance footage, opens a window onto Perreault's unusual and fertile creative process."
- Michael Crabb, National Post

"I was startled into a discovery of the intellectual power of dance while viewing this tribute to the late choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault... Directed by Tim Southam, this affectionate portrait of the visionary Perreault does justice to the choreographer's starkly architectural body of work that challenges, and rewards, the intellect."
- Henrietta Walmark, The Globe and Mail

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ "...remarkable insights into the legendary Montreal choreographer... The dancers are a uniformly articulate and sensitive bunch, illuminating Perreault's aesthetics and revealing the psychological and physical costs of creating Perreault's groundbreaking works. Those pieces, including the masterpiece Joe, are excellently illustrated with generous excerpts."
- Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine, Toronto

"Here is a film which serves both the memory of Jean-Pierre Perreault and dance itself... A film which breathes like a dance piece."
- Fabienne Cabado, Dfdanse, Montreal

"Several film tributes arrived shortly after the untimely death of Montréal choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault in 2002. But only Tim Southam's brand new documentary, Perreault Dancer, goes straight to the heart of his value to Canadian culture by focusing on the articulate and intimate opinions of his company dancers... Southam's film is definitely a loving homage but by talking exclusively to those on whom he built choreographic masterpieces like Joe and Orénoque, he has also arrived at a revealing portrait of the artist as a man whose life was his art."
- Kathleen M. Smith, The Dance Current