About Satie and Suzanne

"Writer-director Tim Southam has superbly captured both the wit and eerie melancholy of Erik Satie's music in his beautifully conceived film, Satie and Suzanne... A musically and visually rich impressionistic drama... Southam magically evokes a captivating mixture of romantic fin de si├Ęcle despair and Dadaist absurdism... Satie and Suzanne is an unadulterated pleasure to watch."
- John Haslett Cuff, The Globe and Mail

"Watching Satie and Suzanne is pure pleasure, a chance to be completely proud of Canadian TV."
- Jim Bawden, The Toronto Star

"It may come as a surprise that the best film of the week is an hour-long piece shot on 16mm and broadcast on the CBC. But Satie and Suzanne is a magnificent work... This film - directed by Tim Southam - creates a mesmerizing visual allegory for impossible love."
- Steve Kokker, Hour, Montreal

"If ever the uniqueness of the CBC were in question, all doubters should watch the magical dance drama Satie and Suzanne."
- Starweek

"Southam created a film that is full of grace and wonderment, propelled by the strains of Satie's music and his writings... The film is eclectic without being anarchic and makes for an impressive debut for Southam."
- Tony Atherton, The Ottawa Citizen /The Gazette, Montreal