About The Tale of Teeka/ L'histoire de l'oie

"Breathtaking... a winner you'll not easily forget... The Tale of Teeka is at once exquisitely beautiful and distressingly dangerous."
- Antonia Zerbisias, The Toronto Star

"Exquisite... Heart-wrenchingly tragic and brave almost beyond belief."
- Claire Bickley, The Toronto Sun

"The Tale of Teeka is a magical hour of television... In addition to getting superb performances from a young actor and a barnyard fowl, Southam used special effects and superb cinematography to create a compelling portrait of a troubled boy's imaginary world and his anguish in the real one... Watch it."
- Mike Boone, The Gazette, Montreal

"Though a grim story of emotional cruelty, Teeka has moments of surprising sweetness and beauty."
- John Allemang, The Globe and Mail

"Tim Southam seems to create minor masterpieces with every TV genre he tackles: arts performance (Satie and Suzanne); documentary (Drowning in Dreams); and now drama."
- Tony Atherton, The Ottawa Citizen

"Maxime the magnificent!... A 46 minute moment of delicate and overwhelming television."
- Didier Fessou, Le Soleil, Québec

"L'Histoire de l'oie approaches the issue of child abuse with great sobriety... A thousand miles from Disney... it treats a delicate subject in the manner of a fable, but also in the tone of a rigorously realist account." 
- Carole Ménard, Echo Vedettes, Montreal

" A beautiful adaptation... The film is moving, poetic and utterly captivating."
- Louise Cousineau, La Presse, Montreal