About Trudeau: Maverick in the Making

"Masterful capture of a young Trudeau... Portrayals of a complex man ring true... What is remarkable about Trudeau II is how the emotional core of this infinitely complex man is presented... Tobie Pelletier, the actor who plays the teenaged Trudeau, has the blend of sensitivity and stubbornness, vulnerability and strength that marked this young man who was both French and English, religious and anti-clerical, intellectual and sensual. And Stéphane Demers is uncanny as Trudeau from 28 to 49, conveying not only his sensuality and cerebral distance, but also that mix of straight-faced sarcasm and intellectual provocation that made René Lévesque say Trudeau had a gift for making people want to punch him in the nose."
- Graham Fraser, Toronto Star

"Early buzz on Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making is good. Critics are gushing, particularly about the performance of young Quebec theatre actor Stéphane Demers. "
- Gayle MacDonald, The Globe and Mail

"Ryan's Quick Picks: French-Canadian actor Stéphane Demers is very effective, playing Trudeau as quite the ladies man. Ah, Pierre! You continue to captivate us all.... The second half of Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making exceeds the first half, and the first half was grand dramatic Canadiana."
- Andrew Ryan, The Globe and Mail

"The two-part miniseries is a dense, intense, four-hour drama about what made Pierre Elliott Trudeau Pierre Elliott Trudeau. It has sex, brawls, fancy cars and sharp intellectual arguments."
- Catherine Dawson-March, The Globe and Mail

"Excellent... The impression it leaves is that the personality of the man who subsequently became prime minister was, well logical. Trudeau would love that description if he were alive today.
- Bill Harris, Toronto Sun

"An absorbing character study."
- Eric Kohanik, National Post

"Stéphane Demers... delivers an uncanny verisimilitude of the late prime minister... As good as, if not better than, the original."
- John McKay, Canadian Press

♦ ♦ ♦ 1/2 "This prequel, surprisingly, emerges as genuinely compelling... Avoids some of the cartoony, simplified didacticism of some bio-pics... It's more personal and character focused than the previous mini-series, but also, ironically, more political, and may be a slightly more mature, complex film than the original. At the core is Demers' riveting performance that rivals Colm Feore's, thanks to greater humanizing nuance."
- Pulpanddagger.com

"Stéphane Demers steals the show playing Trudeau from 1949-68. He assumes the role partway through the first episode and totally inhabits it."
- Tim Arsenault, The Chronicle Herald, Halifax

"A sensational, just-watch-me performance by Québec stage actor Stéphane Demers as the young Trudeau... Demers has the young Trudeau's prissy arrogance and sense of entitlement down cold; with his high cheekbones, balding pate and Laurentian sideburns, Demers bears a striking physical resemblance to the union-organizing firebrand and civil-rights activist. A compelling performance is about more than mere looks, however, and Demers captures the essence of the man, from his crisis of religious faith to his growing belief in personal freedoms and the right to dissent... Watching Demers-as-Trudeau work the room, bending weaker minds to his will, is a lesson in itself... This is one of the most compelling Canadian screen performances of the year.
- Alex Strachan, CanWest News Service

"Director Tim Southam and co-writers Wayne Grigsby and Guy Fournier have crafted a complex, engrossing work. They're abetted every step of the way by a top-notch roster of Quebec's finest actors, none more compelling than Duval, Pelletier and Demers, the three who portray Trudeau over the 35-year span depicted in the film. Like the man himself, the film will undoubtedly captivate his admirers and provoke his foes, but it's an indisputably vital work and an impeccably timed reminder of why we need the CBC."
- Basem Boshra, Dose

"It seemed unlikely that anyone could overtake or even match the performance of Colm Feore in the original Trudeau miniseries. But for the long-awaited prequel, Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making, young Quebec theatre actor Stephane Demers has slipped comfortably into the role like it was a pair of well-worn shoes."
- John Mackay, Canadian Press