Satie and Suzanne



Grammy Award nomination, Best Long Form Video (97)
Gold Worldmedal, New York Festivals (96)
Chris Award, Columbus Film Festival (95)
Gold Award, Dance on Camera, New York (95)
Gemini Award nomination, Best Directing (95)
INPUT, Nantes (97)
FIPA, Biarritz; Best of FIPA, Paris (96)
Beaubourg Art Film Biennale, Paris (96)

About Satie and Suzanne

"Writer-director Tim Southam has superbly captured both the wit and eerie melancholy of Erik Satie's music in his beautifully conceived film, Satie and Suzanne... A musically and visually rich impressionistic drama... Southam magically evokes a captivating mixture of romantic fin de si├Ęcle despair and Dadaist absurdism... Satie and Suzanne is an unadulterated pleasure to watch."
- John Haslett Cuff, The Globe and Mail