Trudeau: Maverick in the Making


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Gemini Award nomination, Best Miniseries (06)
About Trudeau: Maverick in the Making

"Masterful capture of a young Trudeau... Portrayals of a complex man ring true... What is remarkable about Trudeau II is how the emotional core of this infinitely complex man is presented... Tobie Pelletier, the actor who plays the teenaged Trudeau, has the blend of sensitivity and stubbornness, vulnerability and strength that marked this young man who was both French and English, religious and anti-clerical, intellectual and sensual. And Stéphane Demers is uncanny as Trudeau from 28 to 49, conveying not only his sensuality and cerebral distance, but also that mix of straight-faced sarcasm and intellectual provocation that made René Lévesque say Trudeau had a gift for making people want to punch him in the nose."
- Graham Fraser, Toronto Star